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ROMANIA – Assistant in Printing & Assistant Worker

Positions & Salary:

  • Assistants In Printing
    Salary: 900 EURO
  • Assistant Worker
    Salary: 600 EURO
    • Working Hours: 8 Hours per day.
    • Working Days: 5 days per week.
    • Food allowance provided by the company.
    • Accommodation & transportation are provided by the company.

Job Role of Assistant in Printing:

  1. Positions printing plates, loads ink into reservoirs, and loads paper rolls or sheets into the printing press.
  2. Set controls to control the printing machine’s speed, pressure, and ink flow.
  3. Loads photocopiers, office printers, duplication machines, and other reprographic equipment with stationery.
  4. Carries out routine maintenance and cleaning of the printing machine


Job Role of an Assistant Worker:

  1. Sets and operates machines for cutting paper to specified dimensions or for folding or binding to produce finished paper items.
  2. Sets and operates presses for stamping patterns and labels on textiles, clothing, pottery, footwear and other leather goods
  3. Performs routine maintenance and repair on equipment, Identifies and reports malfunctions
  4. Receives work order requests. Assists in selecting materials and methods based on work specifications

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